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When i was a kid (and a teenager….and occasionally today) I used to write notes all over my hand to remember things.

Here is the solution: Post-its in the shape of a watch, so that you can for sure remember what it is you have to do or buy.

They are on sale at Paris-based boutique PA Design



What always amazes me about China is that anything (literally anything) can be sold on the streets. And this can happen anywhere and in the most random of places. On this particular day it was on a random small bridge near the Bund and in the middle of the side walk (not the most visible or convenient of places). That’s fine, because again, anything can be sold on the street in China.

But what I always find most fascinating is that people love to congregate around the seller and just watch. And watch. And watch… People stay and watch for hours (hands behind their back, squatting down on the floor, very relaxed). And watch. They watch so much that if you go up to the vendor and try to negotiate, everyone will start bargaining with you for them. Everyone becomes the seller. (Who gets the commission?)

Long story short; selling and bargaining is in their blood, and they are damn good at it. Especially the women.


During my last trip to Shanghai I found this car parked outside my parents house and thought; “nice, Fiat Panda is starting to sell is in China too”. Little did I know that it is not a Fiat. It’s the Great Wall Motors Peri car.

Very creative designers at Great Wall Motors!

Here is the Great Wall Peri

And here is the original Fiat Panda


KID’S REPUBLIC store in Beijing, by Sako architects.
Just what a store/experience for kids should be like. Makes me want to be a kid again.