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At this weeks “fashion week” in Milan, the iconic Coca Cola bottle was one of the most popular models on the catwalk!

Coca Cola light (or diet Coke in the rest of the world) organized a joint event with the offices of “the city of Milan” to raise money for the Abruzzo earthquake victims — a Coca Cola bottle fashion show.

8 famous Italian fashion designers “dressed” 4 Coca Cola light bottle each for a total of 32 unique designs — Alberta Ferretti, Anna Molinari per Blumarine, Veronica Etro, Silvia Venturini perFendi, Consuelo Castiglioni per Marni, Angela Missoni, Rossella Jardini per Moschino e Donatella Versace — each one showcased during the Coca Cola fashion show.

Each bottle is 1.4 meters tall and they were all sold at an auction after being used during the show. They are now on display all over the city. 

400,000 “fashion Coca Cola light” bottles will be sold in bars all over the city during fashion week.

I’m yet to find the “donation” figures, but otherwise a pretty good way to keep the brand relevant, present and to gain tons of press coverage.

coca cola tribute to fashion

 coca cola fashion show  coca cola fashion show 2  coca cola fashion show 3



A good example of very effective design.

Japanese firm – To-Genkyo – has designed a new product label, which makes it extremely easy to tell if a product is fresh or not.

The hourglass shaped sticker/label contains a special ink that changes color based on the amount of ammonia emitted by the meat. Obviously, the older the meat, the more ammonia it releases, the darker the label gets at the bottom. If you’ll notice, the bar code is at the bottom of the hour glass, so once the meat is old, the bar code gets covered in ink and thus it cannot be scanned – meaning it cannot be sold.

Pretty Innovative. & Simple. 

meat effective design 1 meat effective design 2 meat effective design 3


A new (or not so new?) application to spell out words with flickr images.

Takes about 2 seconds! ….Could come in pretty handy at times.







How come i’ve never seen this anywhere else in the world, except in Kuala Lumpur?

Not a bad diversification strategy though….and yet another way for McD’s to always be in your face!

mcdonalds ice cream kiosk


A new tool that allows you to “tag” brands and also explore tags associated with brands. (All user generated)

Quite interesting to see how people perceive brands…and can come in handy and be quite useful when planning a campaign, re-branding, or working on a specific project where this sort of information is necessary.

Page where you tag. 1 Results (tags) page  brandtag.net2


Soletin ad Soletin ad 2

How about this ad by CarbonGroup, Budapest, for Soleting C Defense — against the damages caused my smoking.

I would love to have Martin Lindstrom analyze this with his “NeuroMarketing” research technique — using hightech brain scanning techniques, such as fMRI and EEG, to investigate brain activity. Through extensive research he has already concluded in his book “Buyology” that the “Marlboro Red” color triggers something in the brain that actually makes one want to smoke more. So does “Marlboro Man” himself trigger this same phenomena?

If the theory is right, this would mean that these ads are actually genius….  in the sense that Soletin C actually makes one want to smoke more, hence increasing the long term sales of  its product!  Ethical?  ….mmmmmm that’s a different story too complicate to argue here. Yet again Philip Morris is getting some good free “subliminal” (or not so subliminal) advertising.

TOKYO | ranKing ranQueen

One of my favorite stores in Tokyo is ranKing ranQueen. I admit, i’ve never really bought much here – if not for a pack of gum – but the concept I think is great.

Some call it “curated consumption”, others call it “fit in buying”….whatever you want to call it, some people just like to be told what to buy. Or at least like to be given suggestions.

We follow rankings for airlines, hotels, records, restaurants….etc, to facilitate (or complicate) our decision making process, so why not for more types of products? Anything from cameras, to key chains, to washing detergent, to softdrinks, to chips are ranked and sold here. Rankings are based on sales figures from department stores owned by the same mother company.

So wether you just want to always have the best selling product in hand, or just have no idea of what to buy and need some hints, ranKing ranQueen can help you (or make your life even harder). Hopefully it does not become a “marketing dollar” led initiative, where brands pay to be placed in the top ranking spot.

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