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The new “Play, Live, Create” ads for Ikea, by German designer Jung von Matt. …a great reflection of what Ikea stands for in the world of furniture/home improvement — smart and simple!

Don’t we all love Ikea? …or maybe hate those long endless walks through a busy store, coming home with nothing but a toilet brush that we did not really want? 😉

Play Live Create Ikea ads



Oldie but goodie!!

Sunsilk viral ad


hunting bra

Another innovative (or weird?)  product from Japan. 

Lingerie maker, Triumph International, has created the “Konkatsu Bra,” meaning “marriage-hunting” bra.

It features a countdown clock showing the marriage deadline (set by the wearer) and when an engagement ring is inserted between the cups, “The Wedding March” plays out of a small speaker. The characters on the bra read, “now hunting for a husband.”

Weird or what?


Kogi Taco Truck (Mexican-Korean fusion BBQ)  has been in the news quite a bit lately, but I still feel like talking about it. It is the classic example of how easily and quickly things can become a major hit thanks to the good old internet!

The model is simple:

1. Sell good food at low price +  2. Make use of the free channels that are available to promote the business

Thanks to Twitter and the Web, Kogi Taco Truck has become sort of an obsession in Los Angeles – making it probably America’s (or the world’s?) first viral eatery. This is a total grassroots initiative which has overnight created a brand that is innovative (in its simplicity), hip, urban, completely wired and community oriented (offline and online).

Through the use of twitter Kogi can communicate its everchanging whereabouts. This comes in very handy especially since the truck needs to change location quite often due to city laws. Also, if the truck is running late (stuck in L.A. traffic) it can communicate with people who are already in line waiting just by sending a Tweet saying “Give us 10 more minutes, yeah??? TACOS FOREVER”. Likewise, customers can communicate back to Kogi and suggest where to go next…etc   

Kogi is involved in a pure two-way communication with customers.

To top it off, Kogi is so into its clients that it asked the “community”  to design t-shirts, name Kogi’s vehicles, submit photos…etc constantly involving its fans.

It seems like the Kogi Kult has been created. It is for real or is it just a fad?

Well, with at times 600+ people waiting to buy a taco, Kogi might be up to something here!


Cell phones are surely a craze all over the world…..but nothing like in Japan. 

Consumers in Japan are fanatical about their phones – in fact there are countless stores dedicated purely to “blinged” or “pimped” our cell phones. I guess it’s a known fact that the “accessories” business is almost bigger than the actual gadget biz.

Pimped Cell Phone

ITALY | Fiat eco:Drive

This is the first of its kind!

eco:Drive is an innovative computer application/tool that Fiat cars will offer to help drivers monitor their driving and help them improve how efficiently they drive. In a nutshell: eco:Drive  analyses your driving style and helps you to use less fuel, with the ultimate goal of reducing CO2 emissions – which in the long run will save drivers money! 

Each driver will become part of an online community of other eco:Drivers taking part in the initiative. As the number of participants grows, the application will automatically update and improve its functionality, evolving and developing with feedback from all the participants. 

How does it work? eco:Drive is a USB stick that when plugged into the dashboard of your car records information on how you’re driving (driving habits and techniques). When this information is later transferred into a computer, Fiat’s software tells you how well you drove and where you could have done better – offering tips to improve fuel economy and emissions. You can also track the mileage, and emissions from the application’s interface.

Fiat states that drivers who start using eco:Drive can expect to improve their driving efficiency by up to 15%. That means a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions and in fuel costs. …and subsequently that much in cost savings.

This could potentially change the way we drive.


Reflection of Mineral is a microscopic 45 square meters house (about 480-square-foot) located in Tokyo. That is amazingly small! It is a classic expression of modern Japanese minimalism, and like most things from Japan – it is extremely practical, beautifully designed and an example of brilliant use of a sparse site. 

The house is designed by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita, and has received numerous international awards.