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Yuk? or Yum?

This is one strange (or not so strange) collaboration. Sapporo Breweries and Royce Chocolate collaborate on Chocolate Brewery  – to create Chocolate Beer. Is this “innovation” gone mad? Or some true market need?

Whatever it is, can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.



Was just walking down the street in HK and could not help but notice the new Diesel store.  …for a minute I thought that a new movie theater had opened up smack in the middle of Central (an unlikely location for a movie theater)

The store front is a cross-promotion with the movie Shinjuku Incident Fever, displaying Diesel products in a make shift street scene from Tokyo.

Inside the store there is a ‘Shinjuku Incident’ vending machine which dispensed small cardboard boxes with movie passes inside to see Shinjuku Incident. (the catch: you have to purchase HK$2k worth of stuff to have access)

As always, Diesel manages to make a strong impact!


Build a robot kit, and use it as a CD holder.

Looks like some nice low tech toys are still around!